Feeling well tropical


Bali Bowls is the place where you could indulge your sweet tooth, but not feel guilty about it!! A Bali Bowl
is basically a really thick smoothie that’s been topped with our homemade granola, locally sourced fruit &
superfoods and you eat it with a spoon.

Sunkissed food for the traveler


The origin of bowls comes from Brazil, especially the main ingredient: the Acai berry. This berry has always been appreciated for its nutritional value and energetic power. Besides our Acai, local farmers in the Basque country provide us with fresh fruits, veggies & super foods. Nothing is
GMO and our Acai is pure! Our menu is predominately raw, vegan, gluten free and completely refined sugar free. Do not worry, our Bali Bowls
are so tasty, you won’t even notice!

Did you know that fruit is one of the best breakfast meals you can choose?! It helps you to rehydrate after sleep, it’s easy to digest so you
have more energy for daily activities, it’s full of fiber to help you cleanse, and it has all the antioxidants and vitamins to start your day off right!

Bon Appétit!!


We are true coffee lovers here at Bali Bowls and we are always sourcing the best and most tasty beans around the world. Our favorites come from Indonesia and we’ve tried to find local beans similar to the ones we love. We are using local beans roasted and blend in The Basque
country and we’re sure you like ‘em too! We love our FAEMA coffee machines and our signature palmtree & wave on our cappuccinos. Handmade with biologic raw cacao. A taste of the good life!

Life is Swell


Ecologic yet stylish. Simple yet strong. All our bowls & smoothies cups are made of environmental friendly PLA, which is made from cornstarch. This material is made of renewable resources and it is compostable & biodegradable. Our spoons are from Bamboo, we use paper straws and we try to reduce plastic as much as possible!



Bali Bowls
18 Place Clemenceau
Biarritz – France

Only 100 m away from Grand Plage beach,
located in the centre of Biarritz

Opening Hours:

Monday: 10.00am – 5.00pm
Tuesday: closed
Wednesday – Sunday: 10.00am – 5.00pm