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ACAI is a delicious purple tropical wonder berry from the Amazon. Acai: pronounced as “ah-sahee” comes from the Acai Palmtree, which is known to Brazilians as the ’Tree of Life’. It started to gain popularity worldwide thanks to its amazing amount of antioxidants and nutrients and is nowadays considered to be one of the most powerful and nutritious super foods on the planet.


Great source of protein
Increases metabolism
High in anti-oxidants
Provides energy
Boosts immunity
Naturally low in sugar
Tastes like a combo of dark chocolate and red wine
Super delicious

We use pure frozen packs of Acai without any additions for our bowls, smoothies & juices! Whether you’re looking to fuel up post workout or just grab a quick pick-me-up snack. Acai is the way to go.

Our Acai bowls are similar to our acai smoothie. We blend our Acai with either fruits, soy or almond milk until it’s thick and frosty.